The Completely Ad Hoc Organic Homebrewers Association

Organic Homebrewers Association Mission

Hello friend,

Living in what some may call the ‘Mecca’ of home brewing, Denver Colorado, I thought brewing all organic beer would be easy and relatively inexpensive.  Unfortunately I was very wrong in assuming both of those assumptions.  The biggest frustration as a organic home brewer (in Denver) was that ALL the local Denver area home brew grain supply stores told me that they would NOT carry organic grains.  So, what that meant, was that I would have to buy my grains online and have them shipped to me.  Buying grains this way is very expensive and impractical, really.  There is a much better way we organic home brewers can enjoy the craft of great organic home brew, we just need each others help.

The Organic Homebrewers Association mission is to support all facets of organic beer brewing in your local area.

The Organic  Homebrewers Association servers it’s members by providing local networking between fellow organic home brewers.  Local organic home brewing networks provides for a ‘trusted network’ of organic home brewers working as a ‘cooperative’ between themselves for the purpose of purchasing and distributing bulk organic grains.

Organic Homebrewers  Association Cooperative Project

The purpose of an ‘Organic Homebrewers  Association ‘Cooperative’ project is to build a ‘trusted’ community of organic home brewers with the goal of expanding local organic home brewing resources and decreasing the cost of organic grains / adjuvants for the individual home brewer.

The Organic Homebrewers  Association is an ‘Ad Hoc’ association started and ran by John Housand as a organic brewing (wine making) resource, networking and research center.

John Housand

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