‘Sustainable’ And ‘Green’ Is NOT Always Organic

Organic Grapes

Organically Grown Grapes

Organizations love the word ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’ but, when you look under the hood, the actual practice of these terms are NOT always organic by any means.

Big agro loves these terms because they can hide their toxic chemicals under them with ease.

In my opinion, farmers who label organic growing as a “scam” may ‘appear’ to be correct on the surface, but they are (in my opinion), showing that they are lazy in reality.  Pesticides can make a farmer’s life a whole lot easier than organically growing the crop, but at what price?

Some grape farmers will tell you using organic herbicides and pesticides will wipe out natural predators, in this case ‘mites’, where a very toxic pesticide (Abamectin) will only kill the mites leaving other pests beneficial to the grape  plant unharmed.  This maybe a valid point but, I would rather work out the agro problem organically then  to roll the dice on consuming highly toxic chemicals, even if the toxicity is at extremely low levels.

Herein lies the crux of whether Organic Is A ‘Scam’ Or Proper Agriculture Practice 

I read in an article where a wine farmer used the term “scam” with regards to organic grape production, while at the same time, was promoting the use of a highly toxic chemical (Abamectin) to treat the vineyard.  The farmer NOT mentioning the actual toxicity of this chemical to the reporter, to me anyway, is the ‘real’ scam.  Or, maybe it’s just plain laziness on the part of this farmer?

Here is why people want organic vs non organic wine / beer

In the case of ‘non-organic’ wine agriculture, they are using a ton of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides with a variation of toxicity for each.

There is so much chronic disease, specially in USA where large corporations have become the ‘protected class’, within regards to any all toxic garbage they serve to the public.  For me anyway, the explosion of chronic disease and cancer isn’t just a ‘scam’ it’s an out right crime.   This world of exploding disease and cancer did NOT exist when I was young.

So what are people doing about it?

People are ‘rightly’ and ‘smartly’ trying to avoid the accumulation of toxic substances into their bodies.   Medical evidence supports this life style change in spades, as more and more people recover from chronic disease itself after making the change in life style.

In the case of the toxic pesticide ‘Abamectin’ used in grape production, where the toxicity negatively effects the nervous system of animals, toxic levels of Abamectin in the glass of wine maybe nil.  However, you keep accumulating this toxin over years of drinking wine, along with the combining of all other toxins in non-organic wine, then with the addition of everything else in the non-organic foods, what are the long term effects on a person from all these toxic substances building up in their body?

So, the decision to go it ‘organic’ as a ‘lifestyle’ change, is NOT a ‘trendy scam’, but just plain common sense.

True, there are a lot of moving parts when trying to produce a food product to a large population. Small ‘locally’ grown can have a huge impact on local food supply chain but food from a far still needs to be brought to local areas as well. I grow organic grapes without a hitch at home my only biggest problem are dealing with the raccoons. Maybe I’ll build a robot.

By growing organic crops with today’s sciences farms, and ‘truly dedicated farmers’, have learned a great deal on how to ‘sustainably’ grow ‘green’ vinegards and barley crops. It’s not a scam but a ‘direction’ we as human beings need to keep heading for.